Appointment Setting

We run courses on appointment setting – teaching tools and techniques to enable you to get in front of your customer.

Suggested topic areas are:

  •             Setting up your Systems
  •             Planning your Calls (including Scripts)
  •             The Call
  •             Reaching the Correct Person
  •             Dealing with Gatekeepers
  •             Skilful Questioning
  •             Dealing with Objections
  •             Sending Information
  •             Qualifying
  •             Closing the Appointment


You will leave with:

  • Practical tips and strategies that you can use straight away
  • A complete plan of how to start
  • Guidelines on where to get your data from and what you need
  • All your criteria for your database
  • Your script
  • Knowledge on how to reach the correct person
  • Answers to the most difficult obstacles
  • Skilful questioning techniques


Our courses are tailored to meet your requirements so time can be spent on what is most relevant to you and the challenges that you have.