How to Get Great Sales Appointments

For some companies, the cost of using an outsourced telemarketing team is prohibitive. For others, they prefer the control of handling the calls themselves.  I have put together a comprehensive programme to help.  It is run as an on-line training programme at or as a series of half-hour one-to-one telephone coaching sessions.  It will help you get the leads and appointments you need and could save you months of headaches and frustration.

From start to finish I cover the steps below to set you on the road to success!


Step 1.  Setting Yourself up for Successful Calls

  • Creating your ideal client
  • Sourcing your data
  • Setting up your systems
  • Are You Sitting Comfortably?


Step 2.  Planning Your Calls

  • What are Your Objectives
  • Devoting your time
  • Your goals
  • Do Your Research
  • Compile Statistics/Measure Results


Step 3.  Creating a script

  • The Right Approach


Step 4.  Making the Call

  • Your Introduction
  • Reaching the Correct Person – Half the Battle!
  • How to Use Your Voice to Increase Your Success
  • Skilful questioning


Step 5.  Handling Objections

  • Dealing with Objections
  • Preparing Positive Responses


Step 6.  Sending Information


Step 7.  Closing the Appointment

  • Qualify the Appointment
  • Making the Appointment



Call now on 01753 655500 or email me now at to book your free 15 minute telemarketing review, to find out how this process can help you!