Recruitment – Candidate Profiling

Do you need assistance ensuring only the right people are put through to interviews?  We can help. Using an automated interview booking calendar, we can screen candidates for you over the phone/internet anywhere in the world, saving hours of your time interviewing those who are not correct for the role.  Behavioural profiling can also be included as part of this.

For example, good call centre staff and telemarketers are hard to find and have one of the highest industry staff turnover rates, as many people take this job and find it is not right for them but once you find the right person they tend to stay.  For this type of position you need somebody that likes to follow set ways and once they have a procedure they will happily follow it over and over again, rather than a person who is on a continual quest to find alternative ways to do things.  If you have a prospective telemarketer you are considering employing for your company, let us do a motivation and work traits profile interview with them, to establish if they really are the right fit for the job. A bad hire costs money.

We also work in conjunction with our client Vinehouse Essential, who provide a unique hiring and recruitment service to small and medium sized businesses.  To learn more visit