Small Business Owner


Are you terrified when you know that you have to call potential customers?

Do you try and avoid it by finding other things to do?

If you would like to develop your telephone prospecting skills I can help keep your sales funnel full.

I can help you develop scripts, approaches, get through gatekeepers and handle objections so that you are confident and successful.

If you are not spending at least some of your time marketing on the phone you are wasting precious opportunities.  Apart from bringing you fresh possibilities, it enables you to nurture and grow relationships with your existing customers.  It is much easier to sell to an existing customer than to sell to a new prospect.

The phone really is a powerful marketing tool.  To help you become confident and fearless we offer various training/coaching and support – either face to face or over the phone to suit your needs.  See here for more information about our 7 Step Top Telemarketing Programme.