Training provider specialising in management training

Wings has been instrumental in cold calling SME’s (50-250 employees), targeting the decision-maker on management training with a view to scheduling an appointment for this company to visit to offer their services.

Appointments are qualified by determining whether we are talking to the decision-maker and whether the organisation has a need for this type of training and what the timescale is.

If the prospect has no requirement for this sort of training at the moment Wings always check whether there is likely to be a need in the future (i.e. is it tied to budgets/appraisals/training needs analysis, etc) and schedule a call back where appropriate.  Wings also check whether they have any other training needs that we might be able to help them with.

Building  a rapport with the decision-maker is vital and we are excellent at nurturing the prospect and keeping in touch, so that when the time is right  they will remember us.