Voicemail – friend or foe?

We all know the feeling – voicemail AGAIN.  Did you know that 80% of phone calls go to voicemail?  There you are trying to reach that hot prospect and time and again you get the automated answer.

How about looking at it differently – it is an amazing opportunity!  You have the prospect’s undivided attention for 45 seconds – what a wonderful chance to tell them what you have to offer and the benefits it will bring them.  Keep your message clear and concise and let them know you will call back/if you would like them to contact you.  Having an outline script to hand will help so that you don’t waffle and let you focus on being upbeat and enthusiastic to encourage their response.

Perhaps leave them a voicemail saying you have sent them an email.  There is every chance they will look at it in their inbox if you have drawn their attention to it.

Remember though – speak slowly when you leave your name and number to give them time to write it down – perhaps say it twice and let them know when you called.

Voicemail can add the human touch, it’s personal.

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