Script or no script?

Nobody wants their call to sound scripted but if you are making a lot of calls, starting with the same approach, it is easy to become punch drunk and forget what you are saying.  I always find that it helps to have an outline script for my introduction.  It doesn’t mean you have to read it like a robot but it is there to refer to, to get you going.  Make it sound natural – put in the odd erm or pause, put in some variation in the tone of your voice and make it sound enthusiastic.

Some people think they can just ‘wing’ it as they know what they want to say – roughly.  You probably only have around 20 seconds to grab the prospect’s attention, so you need to be clear and to the point to capture that before opening up the conversation to draw them in.  Also, you want to listen to their response rather than be thinking about phrasing your own words to get your point across.  Preparation is key.

If you don’t have a script there is a real danger of losing your focus and forgetting where you are. It also helps in pulling the conversation back on track if necessary.

A good telemarketer takes an outline script and uses it as the basis of their conversation.  It covers key elements that can attract the listener’s attention,  gives the opportunity for further discussion at the appropriate pause and helps you achieve your goal.

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