Has Social Media Killed Telemarketing?

With the advent of social media there has been speculation that telemarketing is dead.  No it isn’t!

With the advance of technology, targeted ads on social media and email marketing it would be easy to think so but in some ways it has improved the chances of success, especially for business to business telemarketing.

Telemarketing builds trust and helps you develop a lasting relationship with an individual through direct conversation.  Social media is a great starting point but to build those relationships, nothing beats the phone.

I personally believe that each marketing method has it’s place.

And how about combining the two?  From my years of telemarketing, when you reach a prospect and catch their attention, they often want to see some information.  Could you send me an email?  How about taking out that initial step and emailing them first?  Either look at purchasing lists where the relevant prospects have opted in or perhaps speak with the receptionist/p.a. – ask if you can email something through.  They usually say yes.  It makes the follow up call all the more powerful….

Also, due to the advance of the internet, it is now really simple to do some quick research on a prospect or client before you call them – which can only be a positive thing.

But remember – people buy people.  Relationships are important and nothing beats the interaction of talking to somebody directly, building that rapport and finding the solution to meet their needs through actually listening to them.

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