Script or no script?

Nobody wants their call to sound scripted but if you are making a lot of calls, starting with the same approach, it is easy to become punch drunk and forget what you are saying.  I always find that it helps to have an outline script for my introduction.  It doesn’t mean you have to read

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Has Social Media Killed Telemarketing?

With the advent of social media there has been speculation that telemarketing is dead.  No it isn’t! With the advance of technology, targeted ads on social media and email marketing it would be easy to think so but in some ways it has improved the chances of success, especially for business to business telemarketing. Telemarketing

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The Benefits of Coaching

So have you considered getting some coaching to help you on your way with your telemarketing? Good coaching pays for itself – what is spent you will get back – one new client will make it worthwhile, making it effectively free!    It’s an investment that will make you money. The benefits of coaching from a

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Is there a smile in your voice?

This phrase always reminds me of an article I was reading on telesales.  It talked about “call centre staff with buttock- clenching smiles” – you try it as you are sitting there, it’s hard not to smile!!  It had us in fits here as we put to it to test as as we made our calls. Remember, being

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Have you sliced and diced your data?

Getting a great prospect list together takes time but it is time well spent.  Do you really want to be calling companies who are unable to afford your services?  Do you really want to travel 2 hours to a meeting when there are umpteen opportunities on your doorstep?  Qualifying your data before you start can save

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Voicemail – friend or foe?

We all know the feeling – voicemail AGAIN.  Did you know that 80% of phone calls go to voicemail?  There you are trying to reach that hot prospect and time and again you get the automated answer. How about looking at it differently – it is an amazing opportunity!  You have the prospect’s undivided attention

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Can you hear me?

Did you know that using a headset can increase your productivity by 43%?  It will also stop that aching neck and awkward posture as you try to write and listen at the same time. Have a look at Plantronics – as they say – “hold the conversation – not the phone”!