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Script or no script?

Nobody wants their call to sound scripted but if you are making a lot of calls, starting with the same approach, it is easy to become punch drunk and forget what you are saying.  I always find that it helps to have an outline script for my introduction.  It doesn’t mean you have to read it like a robot but it is there to refer to, to get you going.  Make it sound natural – put in the odd erm or pause, put in some variation in the tone of your voice and make it sound enthusiastic.

Some people think they can just ‘wing’ it as they know what they want to say – roughly.  You probably only have around 20 seconds to grab the prospect’s attention, so you need to be clear and to the point to capture that before opening up the conversation to draw them in.  Also, you want to listen to their response rather than be thinking about phrasing your own words to get your point across.  Preparation is key.

If you don’t have a script there is a real danger of losing your focus and forgetting where you are. It also helps in pulling the conversation back on track if necessary.

A good telemarketer takes an outline script and uses it as the basis of their conversation.  It covers key elements that can attract the listener’s attention,  gives the opportunity for further discussion at the appropriate pause and helps you achieve your goal.

Has Social Media Killed Telemarketing?

With the advent of social media there has been speculation that telemarketing is dead.  No it isn’t!

With the advance of technology, targeted ads on social media and email marketing it would be easy to think so but in some ways it has improved the chances of success, especially for business to business telemarketing.

Telemarketing builds trust and helps you develop a lasting relationship with an individual through direct conversation.  Social media is a great starting point but to build those relationships, nothing beats the phone.

I personally believe that each marketing method has it’s place.

And how about combining the two?  From my years of telemarketing, when you reach a prospect and catch their attention, they often want to see some information.  Could you send me an email?  How about taking out that initial step and emailing them first?  Either look at purchasing lists where the relevant prospects have opted in or perhaps speak with the receptionist/p.a. – ask if you can email something through.  They usually say yes.  It makes the follow up call all the more powerful….

Also, due to the advance of the internet, it is now really simple to do some quick research on a prospect or client before you call them – which can only be a positive thing.

But remember – people buy people.  Relationships are important and nothing beats the interaction of talking to somebody directly, building that rapport and finding the solution to meet their needs through actually listening to them.

The Benefits of Coaching

So have you considered getting some coaching to help you on your way with your telemarketing?

Good coaching pays for itself – what is spent you will get back – one new client will make it worthwhile, making it effectively free!    It’s an investment that will make you money.

The benefits of coaching from a subject matter expert are huge…….it brings fresh perspective to personal challenges by:

  • Boosting confidence – via ongoing feedback and addressing concerns
  • Changing patterns in behaviour – through closely looking at what is happening and perhaps approaching it differently
  • Improving productivity and results – through clarity and definition
  • Guidance through those tough situations – your own sounding board
  • Greater ownership and responsibility – the coach becomes your conscience


For the telemarketing coaching programme to work, you need to be committed to devoting the time to making calls – otherwise it is a waste of your time and  money.  If you put in the time, the results speak for themselves!

Is there a smile in your voice?

This phrase always reminds me of an article I was reading on telesales.  It talked about “call centre staff with buttock- clenching smiles” – you try it as you are sitting there, it’s hard not to smile!!  It had us in fits here as we put to it to test as as we made our calls.

Remember, being enthusiastic and upbeat is very infectious.  That smile in your voice and sunny nature inevitably rub off on who you are speaking to, building rapport and helping you achieve your goal.

Have you sliced and diced your data?

Getting a great prospect list together takes time but it is time well spent.  Do you really want to be calling companies who are unable to afford your services?  Do you really want to travel 2 hours to a meeting when there are umpteen opportunities on your doorstep?  Qualifying your data before you start can save you time, effort and money.

It’s worth considering buying a list from a good provider – as with all marketing, I suggest buying a small amount first to ensure the quality is good and it meets your needs.

Top Telemarketing Programme

The owner of a consultancy and training business was looking for new clients and needed help and support as to how to go about getting them.

By following the 7 Step Top Telemarketing Programme delivered by Wings Telemarketing, within 3 months they were able to increase their prospect base by 20%.

Market Research

This client presented us with the challenge of contacting prospects to ask 16 questions to enable them to use the analysis for marketing their business.

Through trying various approaches and in conjunction with email marketing, we were able to get them the number of responses they needed to base their marketing plan.

Health and Safety Organisation

This company’s aim is to help organisations develop and grow by maintaining the minimum standards expected of businesses today.

Wings has been very proactive in marketing their various training courses.  Work has included appointment-making to organise all health and safety aspects with emphasis on risk assessments, writing health and safety policies, audits and COSHH Assessments.

Wings has also identified needs and sold places directly over the phone for public courses, including NEBOSH, Managing Safely and Safety for Senior Executives.

Training provider specialising in management training

Wings has been instrumental in cold calling SME’s (50-250 employees), targeting the decision-maker on management training with a view to scheduling an appointment for this company to visit to offer their services.

Appointments are qualified by determining whether we are talking to the decision-maker and whether the organisation has a need for this type of training and what the timescale is.

If the prospect has no requirement for this sort of training at the moment Wings always check whether there is likely to be a need in the future (i.e. is it tied to budgets/appraisals/training needs analysis, etc) and schedule a call back where appropriate.  Wings also check whether they have any other training needs that we might be able to help them with.

Building  a rapport with the decision-maker is vital and we are excellent at nurturing the prospect and keeping in touch, so that when the time is right  they will remember us.

Booking Senior Delegates on Customer Service Event

Wings has worked for many years with a leading international authority on Customer Service.  The company run regular 2 day open seminars in the UK, as well as in-house programmes.

As part of this company’s marketing strategy, the company holds complimentary executive events on a regular basis.

Following dispatch of the invitations to these events, Wings runs telemarketing campaigns of follow up calls, to book delegates.  This involves targeting the addressee, checking they have received the invitation and running through the benefits to them of attending the executive event.  On some occasions invites need to be resent (via email) or a different person within the organisation needs to be addressed.  Wings are very tenacious in following these calls through.

Using bespoke telemarketing software, reports are run throughout the campaign, to enable the client to analyse results for future events.  This is particularly helpful in establishing their most productive source of prospects.  Records are then updated and returned to the client at the end of the campaign.

Wings has been very successful in promoting these events, increasing attendance and also sourcing future leads in the process.